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  • The renewal reach from Gliwice to Krakow

    From 01.06.2013 buses with six pairs of Inter with Strzelce Opolskie and Bus Union of Wieliczka will run daily between Gliwice and Krakow. This will be another attempt to express ride. In November last year, Katowice Express Bus ride regularly, but due to the lack of any advertising campaign, he had no customers. As a result, suspended courses.

  • The A1 motorway and bridge in Mszana will be ready later this year!

    Last week, the company Alpine Bau informed the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, that does not finish the construction of the highway from the bridge. The 18-kilometer repair the object is projected to be 25 million zloty.

  • Explosives at the airport in Pyrzowice

    Bomb. The word, which makes usually a red-hot atmosphere among the employees of each airport.
    However, at this time in Pyrzowice no one feels surprised by their presence. Explosives haven’t been placed here, but dropped a few decades ago.Sappers found lots of them during the occasion of the biggest investment in the history of Katowice Airport - construction of a new runway. Pyrzowice engineers have have a lot on their's plate.


  • Airport Katowice in last place in Poland

    Why is this happening? Why Pyrzowice airport is in last place? Well, on this result consists of many factors. Bankruptcy is the most important travel agencies in the Sky Club which accounted for 40% of all charter flights.

  • Cheaper parking in Katowice - Pyrzowice airport

    Price first hour of parking in P1 car park (next to passenger terminals) decreased from 7 zł to 5 zł. More than that, the prices have been reduced for the first 7 days of parking from 200 zł to 130 zł, and for the first 14 days of parking from 375 zł to 172 zł.

  • The problems of airports after the fall of OLT Express lines

    After the fall line OLT Express Polish airports can get into big financial trouble. Company should pay airports about several million zlotys. Airports have little chance of recovering the money. According to the head of the Association of Regional Airports, Arthur Tomasik, this problem concerns all airports, of which operated this line. Next week comes to a meeting between representatives of regional airports management companies in order to discuss the situation after fall OLT Express lines.

  • Renovated terminal A in Katowice- Pyrzowice airport

    Even before the start of the tournament, we have seen already fully open terminal at the airport in Katowice Airport. Airport increased by an additional one thousand square meters and built a new trained elevation and roof suspended on ropes. It is only because there will land some private aircraft with celebrities.

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