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Explosives at the airport in Pyrzowice


Dozens of projectiles in recent weeks found in the vicinity of the runway in Pyrzowice. The manager of the airport provides that passengers shouldn’t be worry. - Absolutely it isn’t danger for passengers. If there is such a situation that it was found that there is a bigger bullet, but until now it had never found more than one artillery shell - explains Cezary Orzech, a spokesman of Katowice International Airport. Explosive arsenal was discovered at the start of preparatory work for the construction of a new runway at the airport. Authorities International Airport in Pyrzowice such surprises are expecting, but the surprise was the number. Before the advent of heavy equipment here, everything what is dangerous it should be pulled out from ground. - Cost of sappers’ work are included in the offer. We always write it in the specifications. Disposal of unexploded ordnance is a major issue of Supper Unit in Gliwice, which is realized in accordance with the regulations - explains Bartosz Bednarczyk, cond. for investment, Katowice Airport.


The new runway will cost 150 million zlotys, actualizer of investment is Budimex. Company agents argue that the problem of unexploded ordnance will be resolved in time and will not affect the completion date. Military sappers add, that such operations require a lot of patience.- It is rare that a bullet does not detonated. This is of course related to the age of the projectiles, they are already in the ground from many years, some of them even 70 years. But most of these missiles after applying the explosive, which is needed to initiate the explosion detonates – says Senior Warrant Officer Richard Szymkiewicz, 28 Patrol Demining in Gliwice.


And their presence at the airport, it's not the instance. Much has happened here at the beginning of World War II. Then Pyrzowice was German air base. To this day, with the naked eye we can see here traces of the past.


Now it's time for a final dissect with that history. This is a natural consequence of the development, still development of the airport.


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