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  • 12/10/2012

    Ministry f transport doesn’t want t change decision relates with shift gates on the highway A4.
    That answer has received president of Gliwice, Zygmunt Frankiewicz.

  • 12/10/2012

    It means that the passengers will be able to fly to the airport nearby Polish sea. Instead OLT Express lines, Eurolot lines from the 3th of september will fly from Katowice airport to Gdansk.

    Gdansk was for us one of the most popular direction in our country to fly, so we had to run this line- said the spokesman of Eurolot Anna Rusajczyk. The new direction is a response to the needs of travelers who are more and more likely to choose a plane, as a quick and convenient means of transport.

  • 12/10/2012

    One of the residents of Katowice decided to calculate whether it is worth: to drive a car in the city or the more economical it is to travel by bus. How to calculate it? It’s easy. Just to check it on our website. You should write type of fuel prices, average fuel consumption of the vehicle and the number of km to overcome.

  • 12/10/2012

    It is now certain that supercar Arrinera will be produced in Gliwice by company called SILS Centre Gliwice Sp. z oo, which is owned by German concern from Essen ,Ferrostaal Automotive GmbH. There is not known if for the production will be built new factory. The most important information about this car have their source in the explanations that the company Arrinera Automotive SA sent to portal, after appeared in the Internet inaccurate information about the car. In the rectification appeared information that can be included in several sections:


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