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Rent a Car Katowice

Rental Terms & Conditions

Information about conditions of rent:

  • Most cars are comfortable and has got full equipment(for example air-conditioning, power steering, Radio CD, power door lock)
  • Rent day lasts 24 hours
  • Customer gets car with full tank and is supposed to return also full tank in the car
  • In our cars to transport animals use only special containers
  • You cannot smoke in Depart cars
  • To can rent a car you must have 21 years old
  • To leave a rented car abroad should you report it to an employee of the rental


Require documents are ID, drive license(valid at least for one year). The car can drive several drivers, in this case documents are required for each of the drivers. In case of companies is required with certificate from Town Council or a copy of KRS record, number Regon and NIP.


We offer complete c ar insurance included in the price.

Short and long-term rental

A short-term rental -1-3 days
A long-term rental-4 -10 days
The next day will be charged if the rent is extended for more than an hour. During the extension of the rental rate is not reduced. The customer has the right to shorten the rent period but it is related to the increase of the rate in this case will be charged an additional charge.

Delivery of a car

If the customer can pick up the car in the city of Opole is to provide a car for free. Outside the city limits shall be established to provide the car with the client individually.

We offer as standard

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